The Mini Light by Ape Labs is a perfect compromise between the powerful Maxi and the compact Light Can; The Apelight Mini has one RGBW LED bulb making it perfect for smaller uplighting tasks such as bars, desks and other furniture.
Each light can is wifi enabled for remote control as well as having 20 internal programmes for colour transitions and sound to light reactions as well as linking with other Mini Lights within 1000ft.
Ape Labs Mini Lights can be charged either individually by wall plug or by using their tourcase.

Ape Labs products are available in the UK through LSA Projects Ltd, please contact Sean Smyth by email or phone (01376 501199) for further information, prices and orders.

⋆ 15 Watt RGBW LED Bulb and 10 ∘ Optic
⋆ 90 Angle Rotation Using Integrated Stand and Mounting Bracket
⋆ Internal Colours and Programmed with Adjustable Speeds
⋆ Dimmable
⋆ Sound-to-Light with Auto-Gain via Internal Microphone or via Central Microphone
⋆ Internal Wireless Module for Remote Control and Wireless DMX Console
⋆ Made of Stainless Steel and Durable Acrylic Glass
⋆ 12.1cm x 12.1cm x 4.7cm (12.6cm x 11.6cm Bracket)
⋆ 0.67kg
⋆ 8+ Hours Battery Life
⋆ Integrated Rechargable NiMH Battery
⋆ Optional Mounting and Charging Bases
⋆ Available in Sets of 1 or 2 and Tourcases of 10
Light Can

APELight Mini Tourcase for 10 Pieces
⋆ 10 x APELight Mini
⋆ 10 x Mounting Bracket
⋆ 2 x Remote Control
⋆ 1 x Tourcase with 100-240 V Simultaneous Charging
⋆ 1 x Power Cord
Light Can Tourcase
APELabs Light Can
APElabs Light Can
APELabs Maxi
APElabs Maxi
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