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We love to hear from you by phone and email but this involves an exchange in personal data, we assume when you call or email us that you are happy to share your email address or phone number with us. In order to give the best service possible to all of our customers from enquiry to aftercare we will store any relevant information on our secure customer database. This information may include your name and either an email address or contact number as well as a shipping address after any orders are placed. This information will be kept for the duration of warrantee period (or longer if you want to keep in touch!) of the product purchased to ensure the best aftercare experience for all of our customers; this may include contacting you about new products you may be interested in as well as new information about products you have purchased or asked about.

In accordance with EU Data Protection and GDPR legislation, all of our customers (from enquiry onwards) have the following rights with regards to your personal data:
  • Right to be informed, as per our privacy policy (above) we will keep a record of your contact details as well as what you have enquired about or purchased as well as any company or shipping addresses provided so we can ensure the best aftercare experience possible.
  • Right of access, at any point in your interaction with LSA Projects Ltd you have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you so you can make sure it's only the information you want us to have.
  • Right to rectification, if any information we hold for you is incorrect or not what you want us to have (we will need a minimum amount of information if you have bought anything from us) we will rectify it as soon as possible.
  • Right to erasure, outside of formal contract (sales and aftersales care) you have the right to erasure from our contact database.
  • Right to restrict processing, if you would like us to store your contact information (so we remember you) but to not contact you.
  • Right to data portability, you can request for us to share your information with other parties (chosen specifically by you).
  • Right to object, you have the right to object to us using or storing your data at all. If you do this we will not be able to sell you anything.
  • Rights related to automated decision making including profiling, you have the right to not be profiled and processed by robots; we do not have any robots and we look after all our contact information with individual care.

  • This is just a quick introduction to your personal data protection rights, we will always look after your data and never share it with third parties. If you would like more information on the rights you hold (above) and how to protect and manage the data other businesses hold about you follow the ISO link below.


    ISO - Data Protection

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