Weir Group Office, Glasgow
Architect: Archial Norr
Installer: The Giotto Group
Product: Bespoke Gustafs Panel System
Custom 3D Gustafs walls were designed and created especially for the Weir Group HQ at 1 West Regent Street in Glasgow.
The two 35m long feature walls on both the 9th and 10th floors of the building are constructed of bespoke 3D facetted panels with integrated doorways, seating, and a reception desk.
Gustafs panels were specified for their A2-s1,d0 resistance to fire, retaining their structure and producing minimal smoke and spread of flame. Gustafs' 100 year history of carpentry and working with wood enabled them to create the 3D wall to the exact specifications of the architect to be installed perfectly by Giotto.
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