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Product data sheets and brochures for our core range of products from our exclusive partner manufacturers.

For CAD files, draft specification texts, full acoustic and fire resistance reports, environmental credential certificates (including FSC and PEFC) please contact us directly by phone or email or using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Gustafs GPod Desk


LSA have worked closely with Gustafs of Scandinavia for almost 20 years, supplying their globally renowned Gustafs Panel System and Linear Systems to hundreds of projects across the UK and Ireland on an exclusive basis.

GU Logo
GU Brochure

Gustafs Product Brochure


Gustafs Panel System Technical Data Sheet


Gustafs Linear Plank Technical Data Sheet


Gustafs Lamellow+ Technical Data Sheet


Gustafs Linear Rib Technical Data Sheet


Gustafs Linear Stripe Technical Data Sheet


Gustafs Lamellow Spa Technical Data Sheet


Working in the UK and Ireland exclusively with LSA Projects, Durlum are world-leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal ceiling and integrated lighting products.

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley
Character Brochure

Durlum Metal Ceilings Brochure

Rhombus Brochure

Durlum Rhombus Brochure

Polylam Brochure

Durlum Polylam Brochure

Polylam Brochure

Durlum Open Cell Brochure

Character Brochure

Durlum Character Brochure

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Durlum Metal Ceilings Technical Data Sheet

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Durlum Polylam Technical Data Sheet

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Durlum Rhombus Technical Data Sheet

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Durlum Open Cell Technical Data Sheet


Shiluvit by Oranit is a panel based linear system, combining the beauty and simplicity of linear walls and ceilings with the precision and convenience of systematic panel installation.

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley
OR Brochure

Shiluvit Product Brochure


Shiluvit Technical Data Sheet


Oranit Stock Technical Data Sheet


Geschwender locker and cubicle systems are the longest established supplier to LSA. They continue to be a sought after product for Changing Rooms and villages, Washrooms and other Bespoke projects for the Leisure, education and commercial sectors.

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley
Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Geschwender Brochure

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Geschwender Project Portfolio

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Geschwender Colour Chart

Geschwender Technical Data Sheet


Since 1990 Metra have produced and distributed top quality lockers and access control solutions to some of the best known Universities and Leisure locations globally, adapting their product to every challenge they face.

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Metra Brochure

Metra Product Brochure

LSA Black

After years of supplying acoustic solutions in the UK, LSA Projects are now able to supply our own acoustic mineral wool product, designed to work with our panel systems and sourced and dispatched from stock in Essex.

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LSA Black Technical Data Sheet


FiberAcoustic 75 from Fibertex is a nonwoven textile-like sheet material designed to sit between decorative cladding products and performance acoustic linings. Fibertex is easy to handle and install and is fire rated to Euroclass B-s1,d0.

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Fibertex TDS

Fibertex Technical Data Sheet


Additional documents from LSA. For certificates relating to FSC and PEFC Certifications please contact us using the form below.

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Fibertex TDS

LSA Core Labout Requirements

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