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Durlum Polylam

DURLUM produce an array of metal ceiling products with both aesthetic and acoustic appeal. Their in-house design and production process allows for adaptive product systems to meet a broad range of requirements for size, scope and finish. All ceiling systems have their own selection of complimentary lighting products including LED strips and spotlights.

Polylam baffles are a part of the Durlum Character collection of design focused ceiling solutions; Polylam is an aluminium baffle system comprised of hollow aluminium planks suspended vertically either at regular intervals on a specialist grid or independantly on solo-hangers. The baffles can be produced in a range of sizes and can be finished in a spectrum of plain or metallic powdercoatings as well as Dur-Graphic prints including realistic fauc timbers. The baffles can be produced with perforations to the exterior sides and an acoustic filling to give subtle but effective acoustic control. Information about Dur-Graphic finishing and the Polylam system can be found in the Character brochure in the downloads pane

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Breitling Store – Westfield White City

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Universal Music Group | 4 Pancras Square | London

KitchenAid Store – Wigmore Street

KitchenAid Store – Wigmore Street

Lowenberg Mall – Murten

Durham Sands


Durham Sands



Working in the UK and Ireland exclusively with LSA Projects, Durlum are world-leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal ceiling and integrated lighting products.

durlum ceiling tiles

Complimentary to the Rhombus ceiling system, Durlum ceiling tiles are available in a range of plain and perforated variations.

durlum open cell

Open Cell product group from Durlum includes a range of linear and multidirectional grid ceilings,

durlum character

Durlum Character ceilings combine the beauty of a custom-built custom ceiling design with a systematic approach, allowing for beautiful ceilings without the hard-work.


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