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LSA Projects work alongside 4 key suppliers from across Europe. These manufacturers have been chosen for their unique variety of product ranges to suit all aspects of the interior cladding markets as well as the quality of their product design and construction.

 Our longest running supplier partnership going back over 30 years is with Geschwender of Germany. Geschwender produce lockers and other furniture suitable for high-traffic installations including the leisure, education, and commercial sectors. Geschwender specialise in high-quality high-pressure laminates and solid surface materials making their lockers, changing rooms, and other furniture completely water and humidity resistant and suitable for almost any installation.

LSA Projects Ltd have worked as the sole supplier in the UK and Ireland for Gustafs for 20 years. Supplying their industry leading timber wall and ceiling panel system and now working with them to develop and bring their linear systems and GPod to the UK market. All Gustafs products are designed to meet modern building regulations for resistance to fire, acoustic control, and environmental credentials whilst maintaining their signature invisible fixing systems.

LSA also supply Oranit panel systems on an exclusive basis in the UK and Ireland, we have worked with the manufacturers in Israel since 2009 on over 100 projects across the country. This partnership includes regular contracts for the nationwide Volvo showroom refit scheme using a specific panel specification that we keep in stock in the UK.

 We have worked with Durlum since 2015, taking over their sales in the UK and Ireland on an exclusive basis in late 2016. Their range of metal ceiling solutions are a great alternative to our core range of timber products with a wide range of perforated and expanded mesh acoustic panel systems as well as open cell and baffle systems, each with their own integrated lighting product range.

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Gustafs | Royal Holloway University

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Gustafs Linear | Royal College of Surgeons

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Oranit | St Johns School

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Geschwender | Center Parcs Resorts

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Durlum | UK House

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Durlum | Universal Music Group


Working in the UK and Ireland exclusively with LSA Projects, Durlum are world-leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal ceiling and integrated lighting products.


An historic partnership, LSA and Geschwender have been working together to supply custom HPL locker, changing room, and bespoke office solutions for generations.


LSA have worked closely with Gustafs of Scandinavia for almost 20 years, supplying their globally renowned Gustafs Panel System and Linear Systems to hundreds of projects across the UK and Ireland on an exclusive basis.


Metra are manufacturers if innovative digital locking solutions for seamless integration in leisure, education, and commercial environments. The tried and tested partner to Geschwender lockers.


Shiluvit by Oranit is a panel based linear system, combining the beauty and simplicity of linear wall and ceiling with the precision and convenience of a systematic panel installation. 


Innovative wireless lighting solutions from ApeLabs Germany.

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