Gustafs Panel System

Unique Interior Cladding Solutions for Walls and Ceilings

GUSTAFS Panel System

Gustafs Panel System is the patented signature product range from Gustafs, available in numerous standard and specialist veneers and finishes with or without acoustic control and always resistant to fire.

The unique Capax installation profiles for wall and ceiling installation allow for secure and stylish invisible fixing across your space with styles to fit every project and countless solutions for every obstacle.

Gustafs have stayed on top of the global market with their extensive technical testing. The gypsum core panel system is classed as A2,s1-d0 for resistance to fire, meaning the spread of flames, smoke production and flaming droplet production are minimal and comparable to metal or mineral cladding.

Gustafs have excelled at incorporating acoustics into a panel system, they have infinite options for standard and bespoke perforations, as well as their invisible Nano perforation, achieving up to Class B for acoustic control.

LSA Projects Ltd are the sole UK and Ireland distributors of the GUSTAFS Panel System.

Product Sheets can be found below, please visit our Downloads page for more information.

Gustafs Panel System (Round Perforations)

Gustafs Panel System (Nano Perforations)

Gustafs Panel System Wall Installation

Gustafs Panel System Ceiling Installation

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Gustafs Linear System

Gustafs Linear System is a high performance acoustic product for walls and ceilings. Timber veneered ribs in a range of shapes and sizes are installed independently for complete design and acoustic performance control.

Gustafs Feltfon

Feltfon by Gustafs is a range of high performance acoustic solutions made from recyled PET. Available in linear styles as well as intersecting and custom design options as well as 3D acoustic objects for walls and ceilings.

Gustafs Lamellow+

Gustafs Lamellow+ is a hybrid linear and panel product designed to be a complete acoustic performance solution without additional acoustic mounting requirements.


LSA have worked closely with Gustafs of Scandinavia for almost 20 years, supplying their globally renowned Gustafs Panel System and Linear Systems to hundreds of projects across the UK and Ireland on an exclusive basis.

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustics are crucial in modern spaces which is why all our wall and ceiling systems have a range of acoustic options available to add function to your space.

Linear Walls and Ceilings

Linear wall and ceiling systems from LSA Projects are a unique and flexible alternative to panel systems, combining design and performance for functional spaces.

Timber Walls and Ceilings

LSA Projects Ltd are specialists in timber wall and ceiling cladding; we work with our dedicated manufacturers to find the best timber solutions for your space.


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