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Metal Ceilings

In addition to our signature ranges of timber ceiling systems LSA projects work with Durlum to exclusively supply their metal ceiling systems in the UK and Ireland.

Metal ceilings are a great addition to installations that need a more industrial or modern style whilst incorporating functional elements like lighting or acoustics. All the metal ceiling systems we can supply have their own clever integrated lighting products as well as acoustic testing so you can get the best performance out of your ceiling.

We have a great catalogue of successful metal ceiling installations across all sectors from industrial and commercial, to transport and leisure. By taking advantage of the extensive finishing options available on all products from Durlum, metal ceilings do not have to be modest.

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Breitling | White City | London

Royal Horticultural Society | Wisley

Universal Music Group | 4 Pancras Square | London

KitchenAid Store

KitchenAid | Wigmore Street, London

KitchenAid Store

Hyundai Flagship | Frankfurt


Working in the UK and Ireland exclusively with LSA Projects, Durlum are world-leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal ceiling and integrated lighting products.

Durlum Polylam

Polylam from Durlum is a unique metal baffle concept, allowing for striking large scale acoustic timber effect ceiling solutions which would otherwise be impossible.

durlum rhombus

Durlum’s extensive range of expanded metal Rhombus ceiling products cover all types of metal ceiling solutions to suit any space and function requirements.

durlum character

Durlum Character ceilings combine the beauty of a custom-built custom ceiling design with a systematic approach, allowing for beautiful ceilings without the hard-work.

durlum open cell

Open Cell product group from Durlum includes a range of linear and multidirectional grid ceilings,


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