NEW DESIGN - Lamellow+ Puzzle

Explore new design possibilities with our latest Lamellow+ in design Puzzle. This collection features twelve unique models that offer limitless assembly possibilities, both horizontally and vertically. We are excited to unveil a new fresh aesthetic of genuine composite Cera ribs, paired with a new palette of vibrant felt colours inspired by the nature. The Cera ribs have a special matte finish coating for enhanced durability and ease of maintenance. Lamellow+ Puzzle is designed for effortless installation and meets all the requirements for public space utilization. Importantly, the fire safety of our Gustafs Lamellow+ is always inherent in its material makeup, eliminating the need for chemical treatments. This results in a solid fire classification of B-s1,d0 for the Lamellow+ panels.

Lamellow+ Cera: Patterns

UNIFORM JOINTS - Puzzle Configuration

Our Puzzle design is now available in four distinct, irregular patterns and three sizes. Regardless of how the panels are combined, the gap between ribs is uniformly maintained, ensuring a cohesive look in any configuration.

Lamellow+ Cera: Dimensions & Spacing

CERAMIC COMPOSITE - Cera Composition

Cera sets a new standard for modern aesthetics, offering a genuine, solid composite material distinguished by its natural imperfections and enhanced by a protective matte coating. This choice reflects a commitment to both beauty and durability.

Lamellow+ Cera: Material

WIDE COLOUR RANGE - Felt Colour Options

The Gustafs Acoustex felt not only sounds beautiful but also serves as a robust foundation for the ribs. Choose from a broad spectrum of colours, from the subtle Wool Grey to natural tones such as Wet Sand and Old Clay, to perfectly complement your design vision.

Lamellow+ Cera: Felt colours